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Stephen Woodbridge

Hello and welcome to my small piece of the internet. 

We are moving and our servers are offline until we find a new home for them. This is just a WE ARE MOVING page until then and most links are disabled.

I am a programmer, web developer, entrepreneur, family man, etc. I guess how you see me is based on your perspective of me. Anyway, I'm willing to share some things that are interesting and exciting to me and I hope that you will find something that interests you here. Follow the links above to find out more. 

I currently own and operate a web based business that creates and licenses tools and data to spatially enable other company's websites. It has a bunch of cool demos of mapping, geocoding, reverse geocoding, driving directions, and other stuff that you might find interesting.

One of my hobbies has been working on our extended family genealogy that has been contributed to by the last 3-4 generations of the family. I have transfered all the data into computers, added to the research, and wrote an application that publishes it on the web. I actually have multiple databases and you can view most of the data here: or see the Hobbies link for more detailed information.

It seems like just yesterday, but was in fact over 10 years ago, that I got a motorcycle. I do a lot of touring and camping off the bike. You can check out the Motorcycles link above if you are interested. Most of my riding is in the eastern states, Quebec and Ontario.

Thanks for coming by. I hope you enjoyed your visit.