1997 Leaf Peep 6 Route

DistLook ForActionMiles
StartUncle Dans KitchenR onto VT 100N0.0
1.1Winhall Hollow Rd on LL BEFORE bridge1.1
7.1SS @ YL8.2
1.8SS @ TL onto VT 30 E10.0
0.3past Gas stationR onto Straton Mt Access Road10.3
4.9to Sun BowlR15.2
4.6SS @ TR19.8
2.3SS @ TL (to Rt 100)22.1
3.7SS @ TR onto VT 100 S25.8
21Y @ Jct 100 + 112L onto VT 112 (to Rt 8A)46.8
1.6Y @ Jct 112 + 8AR onto 8A S48.4
12.9Steel Deck BridgeR after bridge61.3
0.2SS @ Jct Rt 2R onto Rt 8A S + Rt 2 WGas/Food61.5
0.7Rt 8A S on LL FNR62.2
0.1TR FNR62.3
3.7Rt 8A SC66.0
6.0"SS, Jct w/ Rt 116 W"R72.0
9.3Fales Rd on LL81.3
3.4SS L over bridgeL85.8
0.6TLL on Rt 8A S86.4
0.3Lanesbrough RdR86.7
4.4SSR (sign: To Rt 7)91.1
0.6SS @ Jct w/ Rt 7R91.7
1.7"Bailey Rd on L (past ""PAR 4"" on R)"L93.4
2.5SS @ T w/ Brodie Mtn RdL95.9
2.8SS @ T of Brodie Mtn Rd and Rt 43L onto Rt 43 W98.7
1.4Potter Mtn Rd on LS100.1
2.35RC 33 (East Rd) on RR102.5
4.6SS @ T (Was Giles Rd)R107.1
3.75Gas and sandwiches (MOBIL)S110.8
3.8BTL @ XL114.6
0.1Tjog R and L onto RC 40 loose stone114.7
8.55RC 44 on RR123.3
1.55YLD @ TR onto RC 79124.8
4RC 80 on RR[Road Work]128.8
2.220 mph cornerfollow new asphalt131.0
0.9TR onto RC 85131.9
3.1SS @ Jct Rt 2R135.0
1.2RC 87 on LL136.2
6.7SS @ Jct 7L142.9
0.8RC 105 on RRnext road R143.7
2SS @ Jct 103L onto 103FNR not Logical145.7
6.8SS @ Jct 67S on 103152.5
0.35T after Covered BridgeL onto WC 59152.9
2WC 59 turns RS onto WC 59A154.9
0.85SS @ Jct WC 74R155.7
9.75SS @ Jct 372LGreenwich165.5
0.45Jct 29S on 29 WFood & Gas165.9
0.8Cottage St on RR onto Cottage St166.7
5SS @ XR onto WC 52171.7
3.3SS @ X with WC 49S175.0
1.8SS @ TR176.8
1.6SS @ TR onto WC 47178.4
1.3new paved road on LL onto McEachron Hill Rd179.7
1.5XR onto Coach Rd181.2
0.1YR onto Coot Hill Rd181.3
3.8SS @ mergeL185.1
0.3SS @ TR onto WC 45185.4
0.7SS @ TL onto WC 30186.1
2.6Washburn Hill Rd on RR188.7
1.4SSS on Birch Hill Rd190.1
2.1SSS on dirt rd (Big Birch Hill Rd)192.2
0.6"SS @ T, Jct 31"L192.8
3.3SS @ Jct Rt 22S on WC 31196.1
1.1TJog R & L onto VT 153 N [W. Pawlet]197.2
2road along river on RR199.2
1.6SSS onto VT 30 S [Pawlet]GAS on rt 30200.8
2.9Y with VT 133 on LL203.7
11.8SS @ XR onto VT 140215.5
17.4X with VT 155 SR onto VT 155 S merges with VT 100 S232.9
19SS @ TL onto VT 11251.9
0.1R up hillR 252.0
2.6SS @ XS onto VT 100 S254.6
1.1Start/End Point on LTHE END!255.7
SSStop sign
TLTraffic Light
BTLBlinking Traffic Light
YRoad forks
XCross roads
T"Road ends, must turn R or L"
YLDYield sign
"N,S,E,W"Compass points
WCWashington County Road
RCRensselaer County Road
NYNew York State Road
VTVermont Road
Location of Start point:
Uncle Dans Kitchen Parking Lot
2.9 miles north of VT 30 on VT 100
GAS up at intersection of VT 30 and VT 100