4th Annual neDoD Leaf Peeper Ride 1995

0.0"Turn R, leaving Three Mountain Market on Rt 100"0.0
CS1.2Turn L BEFORE bridge Windhall Hollow Rd.1.2
7.0"SS, Turn L"8.2
1.8"SS, Turn L onto rt 30 E"10.0
0.3Turn R onto Stratton Mt. Access Road10.3
LG4.9Turn R toward Sun Bowl15.2
4.6"SS, Turn R"19.8
2.3"SS, Turn L ""To Rt. 100"""22.1
3.5"SS, Turn L onto Rt 100 N"25.6
9.1"SS, Turn R onto 30 S"34.7
6.2"Turn R onto Rt 35 N, Townshend Ctr."40.9
3.5"Turn L, toward Grafton where Rt 35 goes R"44.4
6.8"SS, Turn R"51.2
0.1"Turn L after bridge, [gas if you go straight on left 100ft]"51.3
7.6"SS, Turn L, RT 11 W [or GAS on right]"58.9
CS4.0"Turn R, MOTEL sign, toward Andover, VT [White Sign RED letters]"62.9
8.0"SS, Turn R onto Rt 100 N [don't miss R turn ahead at Rt 155]"70.9
10.5"SS, Turn R onto 103 S [GAS], Ludow, VT [Rt 100 & 103]"81.4
3.3Turn L onto Rt 131 E84.7
9.2"SS, Turn L onto Rt 106 N"93.9
**4.4"Reading Town Hall, Turn L onto Tyson Rd."98.3
10.2"SS, Turn L onto Rt 100 S at Echo Lake Inn"108.5
3.7"SS, Turn R onto Rt 103 N [or Turn L to Ludow for food/GAS]"112.2
**3.5Turn L onto Healdville Rd [at Y stay left on Lake Rd]115.7
4.1"SS, Straight"119.8
1.2"SS, Turn R onto Rt 155 N"121.0
3.5"SS, Turn L onto Rt 140 W"124.5
6.5"TL, Straight [intersection of Rt 7 & Rt 140]"131.0
**4.0Turn R on Rt 140 W [DON'T Go Straight]135.0
1.3Turn R onto Rt 140 W in Tinmouth Ctr136.3
3.3"SS, Turn L follow Rt 140 W"139.6
2.3"SS, Turn L onto Rt 133 S [Middletown Springs]"141.9
11.8"SS, Turn R onto Rt 30 N [Pawlet Ctr, food Straight 200ft]"153.7
**3.0Turn L to W. Palet as Road sweeps right156.7
1.6"SS, Turn L"158.3
2.0"T, Turn R AND imed. L"160.3
1.1"SS, Straight wc 31"161.4
4.3Turn L onto Middle Rd165.7
8.1"Fork, Turn R"173.8
0.9Straight wc 31 [Road on L cuts off loop]174.7
4.0"Turn L onto Darfler Rd, [White Boarded up House]"178.7
**2.9"X-road, Turn L onto Washburn Hill Rd [WATCH 20 MPH Corner]"181.6
1.5"SS, Turn L"183.1
6.8Turn R onto wc 47 [GAS go straight]189.9
1.1Stay L on wc 48191.0
4.6"SS, Turn L NY 338 E"195.6
0.7"Turn L (Straight) onto Bunker Hill Rd, while road curves R"196.3
0.8"X-road, Turn L on Bunker Hill Rd"197.1
1.0Turn R {dirt road straight]198.1
1.7"SS, Turn R onto wc 30"199.8
3.9"TL, Turn R onto wc 22 S [GAS on Left]"203.7
1.0"Turn L onto wc 64 [""more than PIZZA"" sign on L]"204.7
4.8Turn L onto Newman Rd209.5
0.6"SS, Turn L [sign Newman Rd Ext.]"210.1
1.9Turn R onto wc 61 and goes over bridge212.0
0.4"Yield, Turn L onto NY 313 E"212.4
9.1"SS, Turn L onto VT 7A N"221.5
4.0Mt. Equinox on Left [$4 Toll with GREAT views and road]225.5
4.8"TL, Turn R onto VT 30 S, Manchester Ctr"230.3
7.4Turn L onto VT 30 S237.7
7.2"Straight, Bondville Ctr"244.9
3.0Turn L onto Rt 100 N247.9
2.9"Three Mountain Market, End of Ride!"250.8
CSRoad has been chip sealed (LOOSE Stone on the road)
LGLoose gravel in some turns
!!!100 ft section of road is dirt on a right hand turn
SSStop Sign
TLTraffic Light
wcWashington County Rt number