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Trip Report: Germany -A Motorcyclists Heaven - Part 3

           Trip Report: Germany -A Motorcyclists Heaven - Part 3

Well in part 2 the Date should have been Saturday, 6 May and it was the
first part of this trip to East Germany.

Sunday, 7 May: Well we had breakfast at 8am, were on the road by 9am, and
I'm home by 10:30pm and I've already clocked 1435 km on the odometer in 
two days. But wait, we can't finish the day until it starts. As it turns out
the hotel is on die Siberstrasse (the Silver Road) which is about 110 km 
of a vein of silver which has been mostly mined out. It has lots of abandoned
mines, museums and other sites of interest. From Schwarzenberg we traveled
east on 101 to Annaberg-Buchholz, then north on 95 to Thum and then to
Chemnitz. On our way to Thum we stopped in Tannenberg (I think) where we
climbed to an amazing cliff which was made of Basalt rocks. These are 
huge six-sided columns (like pencils) all lined up and forming a huge wall
that is about 200 ft tall and a couple of football fields in length. At one
end was a ski jump, which we hiked to the top of for some exercise and a view.
We continue on and after driving around Chemnitz, somewhat lost, we finally
find our way onto the A72 autobahn. I work out that I can lower the passenger
foot pegs and hook my feet over them and lie on the tankbag. This gets me off
my sore butt and I can cruise along in a little more comfort. But after a while
my knees start to feel the stress, so changing positions helps a little. Did
I ever mention how uncomfortable this bike is for touring. As we drone
along I notice we are at 200 km on this tank of gas which means Hermann
is out of gas. One of the problems in east Germany is finding gas stations.
We exit toward Reichenbach, but can't find a station. After driving around
we ask directions a couple of times and get to a very well hidden station
in the middle of town. Gassed up we continue west on A72 exiting on 173
going thru Naila and Wallenfels. This is a really nice road with lots of other
bikers on it. We stop for lunch and as we come down the driveway the road
goes thru a creek! I thinking of all slime and algee on the bottom of the ford
OK, I'll just park and walk the rest of the way. Oh! Hermann finds a bridge
over the creek so we don't have to drive thru the water. I have a delicious
venison gulash and a beer. We sit outside in the sun and enjoy our respite.
After that beer for lunch Hermann becomes a wildman :-), we start passing
cars stopped at traffic lights, and one idiot driver that did want to let us
pass so Hermann tries to the car on the inside of a switchback. He gets
by the car but had to drag some hard parts in the process. After the turn
I drop down to gears and rocket pass the car before it can try to block me.
This is not the beer, it just happened to be the one jerk driver I came into
contact with in two weeks in Germany. The slightly more agressive driving
is much more to my style. Hermann is a very good driver, but his 3/4 face 
helmet limited his top speed.  We turn off 173 and head thru Burgkunstadt
and Weismain and back on to A70 west, then A7 south and around
Wu"rzburg, A3 west, A81 south and exit into Tauberbischofsheim where
we pick up 27 west thru Hardheim and Walldu"rn to 47 west.  A well
known biker's road, 47 is a lane and half ribbon of asphalt that snakes
thru forests and valleys, over hills with hairpins and switchbacks and
rises and falls over a fair amount of altitude. We end up in Erbach in the
Neckar Valley around 7-8pm. After a wonderful trout dinner, I say thanks
and goodbye to a new friend. As Hermann heads north to his home, I blast
south down 45 cruising thru nice long sweeping curves at 160-180 kph.
When 45 ends, I take 37 south along the Neckar river.  But as it gets dark,
the bugs get worse. Don't touch that shield, SMEAR!, I said don't touch it!
I stop under a street light and clean my face shield and do a map check.
I find my way on to A81 south which will take me to Stuttgart. God, I hate
concrete slab roadways. A 120 kph seems faster (because of the road
surface) than 160 kph did earlier. I can't read the signs because it is
dark and the road is so bumpy. My memory says I should take A8 west to
get home, but the signs say go straight yes/no/yes/no he takes the exit
and Ah thats where the Hotel is as i go right by it cause there is no exit.
So after 30 some km I make it back to the Hotel. Everything is sore and
I vibrate right down to the ends of my hair. I soak in a hot tub and think
of the time I have already had hear in Germany and I haven't even started
to work yet.

                        ---- End of Part 3 ----

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