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Hobbies and Stuff I Do for Fun

Well if you have read even a little of this site, it is probably obvious that I spend my time with family, motorcycle friends and technology stuff. I never seem to have enough time for half of the things I want to accomplish. Here are some of the various projects I have worked on. They are listed in order of activity with the later ones either collecting dust or totally abandoned.

I spend most of my free time working on building this business. Rather than write more about it here, just follow this link and you can check out the maps and demo some of the cool tools that I have been designing and building.


My extended family genealogy was started some generations ago and my father worked on it for 40 some years as his hobby. He did a massive amount of research on his ancestors, my mother's ancestors, and branched out into reseaching various other family groups within the family tree. I brought all this work into a computer and analyzed it for consistency and removed some impossible and erroneous connections and then started documenting sources and adding to the tree with my own research. I have written a web based Genealogy Server serving data from a relational database. This application is written as Perl CGI scripts serving data out of an Oracle database. I have since converted this to serve data out MySQL and subsequently re-written that into PHP and MySQL and in its current version it will serve data from postgressql. This application supports some basic security so that it will not serve personal data about people that are living to the general public, but will serve it to family members once they have logged on.

Here is a text form that family members can save and print or fill out to collect information about your family history. My extended family members may return this information to me by email or snail mail and I will update the master database and the web version with the additional information. It is a Family Group Sheet that requests the details needed to add records to the family database. Fill out what you can and leave the rest blank.

I wrote a handy Perl program that reads in a GEDCOM file and allows you to select an individual from it, then generates a multi-paged, indexed pedigree book in postscript. Here is a link to that software.

You can find a lot of my research notes and reference material that I collected here.


This has its own section on the site. Check it out here.

Family Stuff

The Extended Woodbridge Family web site is in a mostly restricted area of this system. It serves as a general collection and disemination point for our extended family and include family history, information and events. It includes a web-based calendar and reservation system for our family farm, a family message board, an address book application that allows family members to make online updates, online copies of our family newsletter for which Kali is currently the publisher, and online photo albums of our ancestors and current family events, the history of our farm and similarly related materials that are of interest to the family.

Software Stuff and Downloads

Software Tools, Downloads and Stuff

I am an active member of the UMN Mapserver OpenSource project and a member of the technical steering committee. I have been using and supporting the UMN Mapserver project for six-plus years.