The Woodbridge Record, 1883

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The Woodbridge Record

Being an account of the Descendants of the Rev. John Woodbridge of Newbury, Mass. compiled from the papers left by the late Louis Mitchell, Esquire. Privately Printed at New Haven, 1883.

In memory of the late Louis Mitchell, Esq. who spent the last three years of his life upon its Records, this volume has been edited and is now privately Printed by his surviving brothers, Donald Grant and Alfred Mitchell.

And thus starts the The Woodbridge Record that I have entered into a genealogy program and am presenting here. I have not added to the published work except to correct and note some obvious errors. And since there are over 210 pages of data, I have most certainly introduced my own set of typographical errors. Please let me know if you find errors, have additions or corrections.

The Woodbridge Record identifies each Woodbridge descendant of Rev. John Woodbridge by a number. You will find that number in the "REFN" field preceeded by "WR-", for example, "WR-233" would be number 233. To see all of the descendants of Rev. John Woodbridge click HERE.

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