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Joseph Carpenter   (ABT. 1635 - 1687)

CARPENTER, Joseph (-1684), ?Swansea & 1/wf Hannah CARPENTER (-ABT 1679, 1673?); 21 Apr 1659; Rehoboth/Musketa Cove, LI CARPENTER, Joseph (1635-1687) & 2/wf Ann/Anna WEEKS/SIMKINS (1651-); b 1674; Oyster Bay, LI
-(NEMPT 1700; Torrey)

CARPENTER, Joseph, Providence, s. perhaps eldest of William the first of the same, rem. to L.I. had s. William, as appears in the will of gr.f. convey. by adv. of his f. in deed of 2 Sept. 1674, his est. at P. to his uncle Stephen Arnold.
-(GDONE, v 1 p 336; Savage)

Joseph Carpenter, eldest son of William and Elizabeth (Arnold) Carpenter, was born at Amesbury, Wiltshire, England, about 1635. The first mention of him is at Providence, R.I., where on 3 MAy 1656, he is a witness to a deed from his uncle Stephen Arnold to his father, which indicates that at that date he was of legal age. On 21 April 1659, he m. Hannah, dau. of William Carpenter of Rehoboth, Mass. She was b. at Weymouth, Mass., 3 Feb. 1640, and no doubt was second cousin to her husband. Her father died just before her marriage, and by his will, which is on record at Plymouth, Mass., he bequeathed to her a portion od land at Pawtuxet, and such books from his library as showed her to have been a woman of good education and ability. The Town Records show that Joseph Carpenter was an inhabitant of the town of Warwick where he had a "Corne Mill," "and where stood his dwelling house on the South side of the Pautuxet River at the wading place near the falls on said River." This property was purchased by his father from Matthias Harvey and given to him, prob. at the time of his marriage. Here he appears to have remained until 1667, although as early as 1663 he was at Long Island making negotiations with the Indians for the purchase of land at Oyster Bay. There was a settlement at Hempstead as early as 1644, and in 1653 an attempt was made to make another settlement at Hempstead Harbour where ten families with their household goods, etc., came in the sloop Desire od Barnstable, Captain Thomas Willetts. The people of Hempstead resisted this, capturing the sloop, but finally they were allowed to settle at Oyster Bay. The Hempstead colony continued to claim jurisdiction over all the lands bordering on the harbor, but the Indians denied having ever sold this part of their possesions, and in February, 1667, they sold "Matinecock" to Captain John Underhill, and on May 24, 1668, they sold to Joseph Carpenter about 3000 acres at Musketa Cove,
--he having on 5 Nov. 1667, obtained from Gov. Nicholls permission to occupy said land "whether belonging to Hempstead or not." On 1 March 1665, Matthias Harvey and Capt. John Underhill were sent as deputies to Hempstead, evidently to try and settle this disagreement. .... No record of the children of Joseph Carpenter has been found. Joesph's children were born between 1660 and 1683, and the order of birth is approx. as follows: Joseph, b. Pawtuxet, RI, 1660. Daugther, b. 1662; m. William Thornicraft. Tamsen, b. 1664; m. John Williams. William, b. 1666. Nathaniel, b 1668, 1st white ch. b. at Musceta Cove. Hannah, b 1672-3; m. 1690, Jacob Hicks.
- by second wife - Ann, b 1676; m. Joseph Weeks. Benjamin, b 1680. John, b 1683.
-(Carpenter Family in America, from the settlement at Providence, RI 1637-1901; by D. H. Carpenter; 1901)