Woodbridge Family Tree

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Our Woodbridge Family Tree

This genealogy covers much, much more than just the my Woodbridge family. It has expanded to include many families up and down the genealogy tree and expanded sideways to include the families of many spouses. It is a living and growing work and changes as I get new data.

Check the The Woodbridge Record for for a detailed account
of the Descendants of Rev. John Woodbridge.

The genealogy here is the work of many generations and has been passed down and added to by each in their own way. Much of the inital work came to my dad in the form of a book called Dear Ghosts. It was edited and typed by my father's mother's father, Joseph McFarland. Joseph McFarland "published" Dear Ghosts posthumously for his wife, who compiled the genealogy.

Helen McFarland Woodbridge one of the daughters of Joseph McFarland and my father's mother was a grand lady and the matriarch of the current generations. She has five childern and twenty-four grand children and a growing number of great-grand childern. Here are her descendants.

My father, Joseph Eliot Woodbridge, spent many years expanding it to cover much of the breadth that you will find in this database today. Having run out of leads in our family he has chased down many a family for friends and relatives.

I, Stephen Eliot Woodbridge, have taken the extensive work of my ancestors and computerized and checked the database for problems and fixed many of them, but there still are problems with this data. I continue to grow and improve on this work of love.

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