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Klett-Braun Genealogy

My name is Mary Jorens. I was born Mary Jean Clarke in Toronto, Canada in 1949. I grew up listening to my paternal grandmother Bertha tell stories about her family, a family she was very proud of. As a child and young adult I was fascinated to hear about the lives of my grandparents and how they came to Philadelphia from Germany in 1805. Bertha inherited many special things from her ancestors that kept them alive and close to our family. Photographs, Bibles, china, silverware, a Civil War sword and medallion, paintings, books, and a mortar and pestle her great grandfather used in his pharmaceutical business. But what fascinated and intrigued me most was the resemblence of some family members today to faces in the photo album. The earliest photo we have is of Christoph Friederich Klett, my great, great, great grandfather.

I have photos posted HERE.

Frederick, as he was known after he settled in the USA, was born in 1794 in the Kingdom of Wuerttemberg. My sister, Patricia, bears a startling resemblence to him. So began my quest for the story of our family. Starting with entries in the Bibles and a copy of our immigrant ancestor's Declaration of Intent to settle in the USA, I began to put the pieces together from original documents and church records microfilmed by the Family History Library in Utah. It has been a fascinating journey, one that I hope will keep me busy throughout my lifetime. I do this not only because of my curiosity about my past, but because I've come to love these people. I do it to honor them and thank them for giving me life. I wouldn't be the person I am today if it wasn't for each and every one of them.

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