Scheiblys* of the Easton, PA Area 1700-1800

* Among those found are: Sheible, Scheively, Scheibeli, Shively, Sivley, Scheibly, Schevely, Schieffeli, Scheibeli, Sheibel, Schaibler, Sheble, Schebble, Scheiberle, Schiebel, Scheiblin, Schiblen, Shibili, Schiblien. Probably also to be included are Schibley, Schiblien, Scheib, and Scheive.

During the 18th century, a large emigration of Germans, many from the Palatinate, entered the Port of Philadelphia. Of those by the name of Sheibly*, four have been identified who located in the Easton, Pennsylvania area.

These four(1), in order of their arrival, were:

  1. Bartholomaus Scheibele who arrived at the Port of Philadelphia Sept 16, 1748 on the Paliena from Rotterdam, last of Cowes.
  2. George -- possibly the George Anthony Schebble who arrived Sept. 19, 1752 on the Edinburg from Amsterdam, last from Cowes.
  3. Andreas Scheiblin who arrived Sept. 27, 1752 on the Anderson from Rotterdam, last from Portsmouth.
  4. Michael Scheible who arrived Sept. 17, 1753 on the Patience from Rotterdam, last from Cowes.

No direct relationship among these four has been found, altough Bartholomaus and Michael, from the similarity of names within the two families may have been closely related.

Bartholomaus Scheibele (? - 1803) of Monroe County, Hamilton Twshp

Bartholomaus Scheibele arrived at the Port of Philadelphia Sept. 16, 1748 on the Paliena from Rotterdam, last from Cowes. According to census records, he was a taylor and yoeman. His wife's name was maria Catharine.


  1. Rosina. She m. ca. 1778 John Jost Busch.
      1. Joh. Peter b. Feb. 22, 1782; bapt. March 3, 1782
      2. Maria Catharina b. June 26, 1789; bapt. July 23, 1789
  2. Lorentz(2). He m. ca. 1788 Catharina (Arndt?).
      1. Jacob b. Feb. 17, 1789; bapt. Feb 26, 1789
      2. Catharina b. Oct. 14, 1790; bapt. Oct. 17, 1790
  3. Susanna b. Aug. 6, 1770; bapt. Aug. 22, 1777; m.? Johannes Lorentz
      1. Christina b. Dec. 10, 1790; bapt. Jan. 1, 1791 (Hamilton Township Union Church Records.)

George Schieble

He may have been the George Antony Schebble who arrived Sept. 19, 1752 on the ship Edinburg from Amsterdam, last of Cowes. The only information of record is that on May 2, 1772 he was a communicant along with his wife, Anna Maria, and daughter, Margaretha of the German Evangelical Luthern Church. In 1783, he was on the tax list of Williams Township. Here he was listed as George Sheibely.

Andreas Scheiblin

Andreas Scheiblin arrived Sept. 27, 1752 on the ship Anderson from Rotterdam, last from Portsmouth. In the Church Records of the Williams Township Congregation, Andreas Scheibeli and wife Anna Margreth and daughter Elisabeth are list as communicants on April 9, 1774. In 1779, Adrew Shifley is found on the tax lists of Willaims Township.

Michael Sheible (1724 - 1770) of Northampton Co.

Michael Sheible arrived at the Port of Philadelphia on the "Patience" September 17, 1753 aged 29 from Rotterdam, last from Cowes. He located in Upper Milford Township. With him probably came his wife Barbara and son Martin born in 1750.


  1. Martin b. 1750; d. 1809 of Williams Township, Pa. He m. Margaretha. On Upper Milford Tax lists he is a shoemaker.
      1. Johann Michael b. Aug 13, 1769 Upper Milford Twshp.
        m. Susanna.
      2. Christian b. Feb. 5, 1774 Upper Milford Twshp.
        m. Elizabeth Stever, dau. of Philip Stever.
      3. Johann Jacob b. Aug. 3, 1778 Upper Milford Twshp.
      4. Peter b. Oct. 19, 1781 Upper Milford Twshp.
        m. Anna Margaret.
      5. Elizabeth b. Oct. 11, 1786
  2. Margaret (per will)
  3. Barbara - married and had children Elizabeth and George per will. On Dec. 9 1785, a daughter, Maaria Barbara (bapt. Apr. 9, 1786) was born to Jacob Rothenburger and his wife Maria Barbara. Godparents were Martin Scheibely and his wife Anna Margaret. (Zion Ref. Church, Zionsville, Pa.)

Christian Shively, son of Martin

Christian Shively m. Elizabeth Stever, daughter of Philip Stever.


  1. Philip b. Jan. 15, 1798 Plainfield Twshp, Northampton, Pa.
  2. John b. Feb. 2, 1800 Plainfield Twshp, Northampton, Pa.
  3. Elizabeth b. Jun. 7, 1802 Plainfield Twshp, Northampton, Pa.
    m. John Duffort
  4. Thomas b. Nov. 27, 1804 Plainfield Twshp, Northampton, Pa.
    m. Catherine Edinger
  5. Abraham b. Feb. 22, 1807 Plainfield Twshp, Northampton, Pa.
  6. Anna b. Mar. 18, 1809 Plainfield Twshp, Northampton, Pa.
  7. Eliza b. Jul. 5, 1811 Plainfield Twshp, Northampton, Pa.
    m. Philip Belling
  8. Peter b. Aug. 5, 1813 per Zion Luthern Church Records, Zionsville, Pa.

Peter Shivley, son of Martin

Peter Shively m. Anna Margaret


  1. Margaretha b. Oct. 1, 1824; bapt. Aug 27, 1827
  2. Elisabeth b. Feb. 26, 1827; bapt. Aug 27, 1829
  3. Charles Martin m. Rebecca Wilson, dau. of Henry and Ann Wilson of Williams Twshp at St. John's Parsonage Aug. 31, 1850. He was a farmer of Raubsville at the time of the marriage.

Peter's wife must have died and he remarried a Mary. In the Knowlton Cemetery in NJ is found these inscriptions:

In Easton, Pa. there lived a John Sheible. He might have been one of the two Johann sons of Martin. A daughter of this John, Elizabeth Scheible, married John Bechtel on Mar. 8, 1823. On May 23, 1828, a possible son, Jacob Sheibly, m. Susan Yeager, dau. of Henry Yeager of Forks Twshp. On Feb. 7, 1823 Elizabeth Scheible, wife of John, died. Possibly this was the Elizabeth (Best) Scheuble mentioned in the will of Anna Uhler.

Other Scheibley's that might be connected

Nockamixon Church Communicants

German Evangelical Church

Per Paul Buralli Estate

In the census of 1790, Williams Township, there is listed a Sarah Shibley as head of a household. With her was another free white female. Possibly she was the widow of one of Michael's sons that has not been identified.

It should also be noted that in Philadelphia there were a large number of Shivelys living. Between 1811 and 1845 there are to be found eight wills or administrations of estates of deceased by this name.

Futhermore, in the western part of the state in the census of 1800 are to be found 19 addirional families by this name.

            J. Eliot Woodbridge
            November, 1988


(1) These names were found in Rupp's "Thirty Thousand Names of Immigrants" and "Passenger and Immigration Lists Index".

(2) In the census of 1800, a Lawrence Shively of Northampton Co. is found. Bartholomaus may have had other children since his will in German stated that "Laurence Sheible" was his "eldest son".