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  The picture on the left is my back yard. No really it is! ... OK, Ok, you're right, it is just a silly gif image, but it is one fantasy I have for retiring. But hey, who cares, you came here for free software not to hear me babble on. So here is some stuff I developed and ported because I could not find it elsewhere on the web. This is all stuff that I use in the products that I have developed. Most of this stuff comes with source code and you are free to use it in your projects commerical or not, but please read the License Agreement that each offering has and don't use it if you can't agree to the terms. In simple terms, that are not meant to modify the individual agreements, use at your own risk and give me credit.

So if you like these tools and find them useful, give me some beer money via   Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!   so while I'm not sitting under the Palm trees in the sun, I can have a beer or two and pretend I am. Either way, I hope you find these useful, if you have ideas on things that could be added let me know. I always love ideas and if you want to influence my priorities offer me beer . . .

PathEdit 1.01

PathEdit is a commandline utility that will add or remove folders to the System or User Path entries in the Registry. I wrote this to work with the Inno Setup Installer. It includes the source and Makefile for Borland's Free C/C++ compiler. Also included is the unix code getopt/getopt_long ported to work on Win32 with the Borland compiler.

shp2tile 1.4
Forget 1.2 and 1.3 they were buggy beta releases.
shp2tile 1.1
shp2tile 1.0

shp2tile is a utility that will divide a large shape file into multiple smaller tiled shape files. Development was originally sponsored by Luca Pescatore and it is released under GPL. shp2tile 1.1 includes some nice enhancements made by Daniel Morissette from DM Solutions to generate square area tiles and to do a quadtree like tiling that limits the maxium number of objects in any given tile. See images of sample output for Middlesex County, MA tiled into a 4 X 4 grid and here is the same area tiled using the --quadtree 4200 option

PHP Class

A Double MetaPhone implementation for PHP. This is a significant enhancement over the Soundex aglorithm and can be used for fuzzy word or name matching. Here you will find the PHP Class you can download and use in your PHP applications.


 More stuff coming soon