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I belong to this big bad motorcycle gang, the neDoD. I would tell you more about it, but then I would have to kill you! Thats a joke! It is probably accurate to say it is a bunch of computer geeks with geeky toys on their bikes and we all have a great time clogging the net with chat. See and sometimes we actually get out from in front of our computers and ride our bikes!

Meandering on the bike

I have combined my passion for motorcycle touring and geospatial tools to create mashups of my GPS logs and my mapping software. I have a RoyalTek BlueTooth Logging GPS. This very cool device can be configured to log a track point every 1/10th mile and will store 30,000 track points, which is good for 3,000 miles. It has a lithum battery which will run the device for about 9 hours on a charge, or it can be powered off the vehicle. After a ride, I can download the tracks and upload them to the server, process them with a little script and they are available on the site for viewing. Check some of my GPS tracks here.


Yeah, this are a little out of date. Kali takes lots of photos with the digital camera, but I have been too busy to collect them and upload them here. I keep a film camera on the bike and if I remember to take it out and shoot a few, they are likely to stay in the camera for a long time. By then it is too much bother to scan and upload them, so this is out of date. A lot of the other guys all carry digital cameras, but I am not such a shutter bug.

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