Photo of Stephen Woodbridge

Our Family
Our family is a source of great pride and strength. While our children have all grown and are living lives outside our home we talk and visit with them often.

This is the lady that is always making me look good, my wife and best friend, Kali. You can check out Kali's web site.

Jessica, our oldest daughter, and Conor have blessed us with a wonderful grandson, Liam. You can check out Jessica's web site.

Susan has graduated with a Bachelor of Communication and is working and living in New Jersey near her cousins.

Philip, our youngest, is a sergeant in the US Army and is currently stationed in Texas. We are very proud of him and his achievements.

We thought that we would have more time to work on our own projects once the kids had moved out. I guess to some extent, this is the case, but time just seems to be speeding up and we never have enough time to get all the things done that we would like to. We have both had dogs in our lives and continue to enjoy their company and  antics. 

Dixie is our current companion. She is a Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier and still a puppy at 6 months. She is friendly, curious and loves to dig. It is a very bad idea to let her see you digging in the garden, because she wants to help and she is sure you have planted a treat in the hole and must dig it up as soon as your back is turned. But all in all, she is a sweetheart and is a very affectionate companion.

We often have my daughter's Shelty come stay with us. We noticed that even though Jake is a grouchy old man, Dixie pesters him to no end to come and play with her. He has finally given in a little and they play pretty well until it gets to rough or he is too tired and then he snaps and growls to let her know he is done. We realized that she really needs a full time companion so Kali and I started looking for another puppy and got one. Ducan is a 3 month old male. Dixie is just delighted with Duncan and they play all the time until they collapse on the floor for a nap. Jake thinks it is great because now Dixie does not pester him all the time.